Who likes killing Coco Martin?

Coco Martin
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I don't know if any of you guys, who, like me, is following Coco Martin's career.  He has a steady career in television, he is a prime talent of ABS-CBN,  I think (and he should be).  But I just could not get why his character always end up dying at the end of the series.

First there was his hit TV show, "Tayong Dalawa".  I do not watch this, but I sometimes see episodes of it in buses.  I saw the last episode, he died.  His next show "Kung Tayo's Magkakalayo", another show that I do not watch (because I generally don't watch Philippine primetime TV shows), in the end, he died also.  Then his latest TV show, the "Glee" wannabe "1dols", in the end, he died yet again.

Not only in TV shows, even in his movie "Noy", SPOILER!  He also died in the end.

I do not know why his characters always end up dying, maybe he just is good at dying or playing dead.  It is becoming a trend already.  I don't get it.  I am really not complaining, I am happy that his career is in an all time high.  But really?  He can do more than what is currently being given to him.  If people could just go see his Indie works and see the stretch and versatility that he has, they will be amazed.

I honestly don't know why I am ranting. Hehehe.  I guess I will just be waiting to see if he dies again in his next TV series.